Harry loves working big. In Nashville, Rockers and Country Stars both have requested Harry by name. Custom Coach companies have hired Harry many times. Million dollar coaches deserve beautiful artwork to show them off.

Whether you have a show truck or a truck you want to show off, Harry can make your tractor and trailer the talk of the highways. He encourages you to use your imagination! What do you want to see on your vehicle?

Do you have a car, pickup, van, or whatever that needs a personality? Bring it to Harry! Treat yourself to the special something you deserve! You say you like it NICE, with Harry behind the airbrush you can have it anyway you like it!

The turn around time on a three piece set is usually 14 days. We donít want to keep you off your bike any longer that we have to. Call us to find out when we can get your bike on the schedule. Personal requests encouraged!

Wall murals and Roller Shades are done on fire resistant canvas for both residential and commercial use. We donít want to smell up your space so we do the painting here, you just attach the canvas or shade to your wall or window. Call us for details!

BioHazard   A back drop for Bobay Choppers      
Airbrush on Deer Hides!!    Hunters delight!      
The QuarterPOUNDER   Hart's Racing Team's Dodge Charger Funny Car
Biker Bitch    built by Bobay Choppers is finally complete and beautiful!
Collingwood on Lake Huron    donated to raise funds for an Ontario Humane Society
New York at Night a wall mural on canvas
A Pirate's Colors the flag that goes with Captain Kip's pontoon.
The back gate? Twilight zone or mural?

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